По-русски Parametres of an airfield (airdrome) Manushkino

The airfield of Manushkino is located in 25 km to the east of St.-Petersburg.
Geographical co-ordinates: 59°52'20 " N.; 30°48'05" E.
Absolute height of a platform (Nabs.): + 52 metres.
Time zone number: 2 (second).
Magnetic declination: + 7 degrees.

The size of a runway 450 х 20 m, a covering - asphalt.
True travelling corner 25°01 ' - 205°01 '.

Frequency of an airfield of Manushkino of 122,95 MHz, signal "Quorum".

The airdrome works in the daytime in simple (visual) meteoconditions. Provides reception of transit aircrafts, use as spare airdrome is possible in the preliminary coordination.

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